How to Participate

Step 1
Become a Member

If you would like to trade puzzles with others, simply sign up using our online membership form.


  • Initial (1 year) - $60.00 USD
  • Renewal (1 year) - $30.00 USD

These charges cover the costs of maintaining and marketing the website and replacing popular puzzles that become worn or go missing.

Once you have signed up, you can request puzzles from our library. When a member is finished with a puzzle you want, they can initiate a swap with you and sent it your way. Within 30 days you must mail a comparable puzzle back to them.

Your email address is not shared or made public.

Change Preferences

If you would like to change your preferences, simply make changes to preferences using our online change form.

  • Change Address
  • Update Active, On hold status
  • Change Puzzle swap areas
  • Change Puzzle type preferences
  • Change Puzzle brand/artist/theme
  • Choose swap meet location

Your changes will generally be updated within 24 hours

Step 2
Your Inventory and Library Puzzles

Once your account is set up you will want to add your puzzles to the library. This is easily done by taking a photo of the puzzle box and adding the details (brand, size, artist, theme) using the Add Puzzle form. Once processed, an ID number will be assigned and added to your online inventory. Adding your puzzles is important because it lets the rest of the membership know what you have available to trade.

You should make requests from the library often to keep puzzles coming your way. Members can make requests for puzzles through the INTERACTIVE TOOLS . When you find a puzzle you want, click the Request button and your name will be added to the list. Puzzles are added every few days to the library and there are currently several dozen listed at all times on the New Puzzles page. These puzzles are normally available for immediate shipment and you should browse this list at least once per month to keep your list of requests well stocked.

Step 3
Start a new swap

When you are ready to ship a puzzle, visit the INTERACTIVE TOOLS and log in to your account. Use the NEW SWAP TOOL button to start the process. Check off the puzzles from your inventory that you are ready to send, then choose the member you want to swap with. You will then view the inventory of your recipient to choose the puzzles that you would like as a suitable return. When you have finalized the choices, the address of the member will be provided as well as links to the popular shipping companies where you can complete your shipment process online. Submit your form and mail your package. The cost to ship the puzzle is yours.

Once you have mailed the package we will begin the tracking of your shipment. Your recipient will recieve a notice that the shipment is on its way. Your swap history will reflect this shipment and the delivery/return status. When the recipient mails a return, those puzzles will appear in your inventory once they are received. The recipient member has 30 days to mail return puzzles back to you. A list of all swaps currently in transit between members is listed on the Transit Board. There are usually between 50-100 in transit at any given time.

Step 4
Completing a swap

When a puzzle arrives from a member, you have 30 days to mail a puzzle back to them, unless the shipment is a donation. You should wait until it arrives to make sure it is the one reported being sent. You do not have to assemble it prior to returning one. Visit the INTERACTIVE TOOLS and log in. Then choose the RETURN TOOL button. A list of open swaps will be presented. Choose the swap you want to complete and check off the puzzle(s) you are sending in return. When complete, you will be provided with the return address and the links to online shipping companies. Complete and submit the form, then mail your package. The swap is then complete. It is just that simple.

Swap Meets

We plan 3 swap meets per year usually between March and September. Members can attend their local area meet if there are two or more members registered to attend. You may meet more often if you wish. By exchanging puzzles with others you will make new friends that share your puzzling pastime.Read Reviews from members here

Jigsaw Puzzle Swap Exchange