Do you buy puzzles, work them once and then store them in a closet never to be worked again. Wouldn't it be nice to pass that puzzle on to someone who appreciates working puzzles and get one in return?

The Jigsaw Puzzle Swap Exchange is the largest international group of puzzler enthusiasts who actively trade puzzles with each other, worldwide. With members currently in North America, Australia, Europe, and Asia, you can find other puzzle e nthusiasts near by or far away. When you are done working a puzzle, simply select another member and send it, they will return one to you. There are several levels of membership and we now have a puzzle library where members can select puzzles they want. As a member, you may select puzzles from the virtual library and as they become available members can send them to you.

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Over 2400 puzzle swaps have been initiated to date. Imagine the surprise you will get when you open your email to a notice that a puzzle is headed your way and then when it arrives you can see where that puzzle has been since it became part of the program. Some puzzles have been traded and worked as many as five or more times. Some are so popular that they are currently on the move. Visit our transit board to see the puzzles that are currently moving through the system. Check their status and location. You can trade puzzles as often as you want and control your level of participation.

Puzzle Swap Meets are a great way to keep shipping costs down and meet other puzzle enthusiasts in your area. These swap meets are quarterly and scheduled at a convenient, public location where there are clusters of members. Join now

Send puzzles to day care and senior centers or fire/rescue personnel for use when they have available time but can't leave the facility. Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to keep a mind active and strong.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Swap Exchange